Hi There!

tiany is a libra-sanguinis girl who always has high expectation 
she believes that when she wants something, the universe will conspires in helping her to achieve it 
(yes, she read the quotes from The Alchemist, one of her favorite book) 

she likes walking alone and listening to the music 
and hoping someday Jakarta will have better pedestrian and public transportation 

 although she is currently trying to survive in a public relations world, 
 she loves spending her weekend at home watching tv series all day 

her definition about me-time is enjoying massage or reading a good book with good food 

 always appreciates every little things that happened in her life, 
 she is still waiting and looking for her 'prince charming' 
and dream that someday she could go for Umrah, traveling to Turkey and Japan

"thanks for visiting and reading my blog, folks. hope you had a great time here!"

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